Spline Auto Generation

@jjthrash has created an excellent utility which can run on a PC outside of Audulus to generate a YourWavFileName.audulus file in seconds which contains 8 splines which are octave related.

Working with @jjthrash auto spline patch generator and @robertsyrett Spline video tutorial has allowed me to create splines that would otherwise be tedious to create.

This has led me to brainstorm about ideas associated with splines in Audulus in association with techniques outside of the scope of Audulus which can be brought into Audulus for audio synthesis and control.

Idea Issue Suggestion Forum Feedback
resolution wav files use high frequency noise and
grab a couple ms worth of it
MIDI convert MIDI files @robertsyrett octave info its strength ?
xyz dimensions xy spline and z relationship to other splines ?
optimize density
xy density effects CPU and value of audio
generated of a spline to minimize lines for
points and y changes effect sound so each
point gives you lots of bang for your CPU hit
max utility
Audulus is a programming environment so
you’re not constrained to western 12 tone
scales so in conjunction with alternate tone
scale quantizers you could generate
corresponding splines to integrate with
these scales. Check out the Wilsonic app
which can generate and export scala (.scl)
files to convert MIDI and pitch for specific
frequencies in a scale.
min CPU As in wavetables which reduce the need for
real-time calculations and CPU hits for audio
so too can splines be utilized for control
functionality. They can also be used in pseudo
random ways (e.g. simulate record scratching
or tape hiss).
Environment capture
Be able to capture micro or macro sounds in
the environment to manipulate them with
granular synthesis via splines.
Visual transform
to audio
The significant relationships found in visual
media can be transformed into audio
functionality via splines. RGB values changing
over time as you travel through a visual field
or luminosity and the 3D shape can all be
incorporated into splines for wavetable
synthesis. See SunVox and Virtual ANS apps
as examples of these ideas.
Gears inter
Splines can be utilized as gears and the
relationships between splines could be
coordinated systematically as a series of
interlocking gears to control your virtual
music box. A player piano with tines would
be an example.
to spline
Digital representations abound so use
them for audio functionality. Sampling
records by scratching was successful.
CAD, SVG, text streams, and API
queries are examples of sources to mine.
Apple has had scripting for their OS for a long
time and more recently they acquired the
WorkFlow app which allows users to connect
together the output of various apps and online
services to create automated workflows.
Why not incorporate spline creation as part
of such a process?