Sonic Pi Audio Suite

Hey guys,

I have been an avid Raspberry Pi fan, user, and total nerd project builder for about 5 years; it is what taught me the basics of my occupation. I think everyone should have one. Because of my fandom and familiarity, this is a little embarrassing to admit I just discovered today, seeing how it is an open source audio programming suite for multiple OS (Win, Mac, Linux) that is actually built as a default program into the Pi’s Raspbian Linux OS from source. This means it has been RIGHT under my nose for the better part of 5 years, but eh…I guess I’m not the most observant hamster in the science experiment :confused:

Anyhow, like I said, open source and therefore, free, and it has all the I/O you need in order to incorporate into your Audulus projects, includes MIDI and OSC in/out functionality, it has 3 different types of oscilloscopes to work with while programming patches and there is a whole manual on the site with a pretty in depth walkthrough detailing how to program things like sequencers and such, which some talented people use for live performance. It is text, so it won’t be quite as simple and easy as working with Audulus, but if you want to learn something about text based programming and perhaps acquire a different perspective for building patches in Audulus, this might be a suite worth exploring. I hope some of you will be as excited for this discovery/addition to the knowledge bank as I am! You can learn more about it and download from the link below. Enjoy :wink:

Sonic Pi Website

edit: I mixed up the syntax and broke the link the first time. It is fixed now.