SH101-style midi input sequencer




Can Audulus “record” midi-input? As in; is it possible to create a SH101-style (or OP-1’s ‘Endless’) sequencer inside Audulus?

Maybe something like: You set a number of steps, then input midi-notes sequentially (with midi-controller) that is stored somehow, and played back by a connected clock. And maybe a button to skip steps, and one to clear out the sequencer…


Kind of. You can make resettable sample and hold and then use some switches to create a sequence out of them. But it’s a bit of learning to do that. I would say it’s easier to play to Audulus’ strengths and use it got more generative/probabilistic sequencing and use another app for long, DAW-like melodies.


I’ll try to make it this week - at least an 8-step version :+1:



For a long time I thought I wanted a minimoog model D, but it turns out I actually wanted an SH-101. I have a SH-01a now and I really should use it more frequently. I used it a little on Unkai, but this video makes me want to dive a little deeper.


That’d be awesome @biminiroad! :pray:t2:

And i totally agree @robertsyrett. Just wanted to know if it was possible. It it is (without too many workarounds) it would make Audulus approchable from a completely different angle for me. But i really should get a Keystep for this type of sequencing.


The hard part is making the sequencer accommodate 128 steps like the SH-01a, because that takes forever to wire together. But if you can get by with 8-16, and send it gate patterns to extend the possibilities, then you’re gonna have a good time.


I made a 16 step basic version - tap the button to enter the sequence and tap it again to let it run. I’ll probably add more and better features to it later, but it’s Thanksgiving and I gotta get cooking!

SH-101 Sequencer v0.1.audulus (429.9 KB)


I ordered the Branes clone of Yarns just so I could get the midi from an electron A4, but I just decided to read the Yarns manual and it has an SH101 seq. Never actually used one, should be fun.


Dude, there is so much functionality buried in yarns. It can also do euclidean rhythms and even has a simple oscillator you can use for reference or for music.