Scaled FM Sequence


Just moving a patch over here and adding a midi trigger so that it works with a transport inside an iOS DAW. This was tested in BeatMaker 3. You need to create a seperate track inside your DAW with one note at the beginning of a bar, looping (Right now the midi node is set to channel 16). This will provide a reset for the sequencer so that the patch will fit correctly with your other tracks. The BPM is currently set at 90.

Scaled FM Sequence 0.1.audulus (1.2 MB)


Very nice. I would make a habit of putting a via on the gate source as it is likely something others will want to switch and putting a via there will save them the task of repatching all the destination points.


How do I go about putting a “via” on the gate source, can you explain more clearly why?

Also, can you chime in on this fellow struggling with his CPU on an iPad Pro, while others on iPad Air 2 and Mini 4’s are having no problems?


I should have looked in the manual. My bad. You mean, put a via between the midi module gate output and the various wires?


Sure! A via is just a module consisting of an input and output, it’s named after circuit board vias, which are connections to different layers of the board. They are useful for building and patching in Audulus when sending one output to many inputs.

Patch cables can only be drawn from output to input and can only be unplugged by pulling an input or deleting the output. This can sometimes mean if you would like to switch the one output being sent to many sources you have to redraw every connection. By using a via you can more easily switch sources, because the via will remain in between the source and the destination and preserve the connections.

I wish I could! But I don’t really have this issue, so it’s difficult to contribute with anything useful. I wish I had the resources to figure things like that out but ultimately @taylor and @biminiroad are the two best equipped to figure out the cause and remedy of the intermittent crackling that sometimes besets Audulus.


Of course the via is super hidden in iOS, probably somewhere right in front of my face…??:unamused:


Should be first layer of the building folder along with reverse via. You can also just make a quick expression that is “x” and that serves the same function


Thanks :roll_eyes:


Here is a more efficient evolution from the original. More voices, uQuant substituted for Qantizer V2 and some cleaner wiring. Nothing special yet. Bumbling along…

Scaled FM Sequence Minimal 0.1 2.audulus (1.1 MB)


You can search for modules! Just pull down the module browser. Works for nodes too.


Very cool - I see you’ve been digging into the old collection!