RGB Light Arrays

RGB Light Arrays

I said I was going to do this three years ago, but time kinda got away from me. I spent a few hours writing code that can programmatically construct rectangular RGB Light modules. They don’t do anything on their own, they just take out a portion of the manual labor required to make them. I’ve included the 64x64 array here, not because I expect anyone to use all 4096 lights, but because maybe they’ll sculpt a shape out of the lights by deleting the portions they don’t want and use them that way.

For giggles, I also made a 256x256 array. It was 8 megabytes large so I didn’t include it, but here are the results. For reference, I’m using a 15" Surface Book 2. It felt like by the time all of the lights were on screen the framerate was like 1 frame/5 seconds. I don’t think I will make a 512x512 version, haha.

I plan on doing some more with this in the near future, but I’m not sure what just yet. This was more of a proof-of-concept to see if I could create a valid Audulus file using code. If anyone else has any suggestions for something interesting that could be constructed programmatically, let me know and I’ll look into it.

Version History

Revision File Date Notes
Vanilla 4x4 RGB Light Array.audulus (2.3 KB) 04/01/2019 4x4
Vanilla 8x8 RGB Light Array.audulus (8.3 KB) 04/01/2019 8x8
Vanilla 16x16 RGB Light Array.audulus (32.9 KB) 04/01/2019 16x16
Vanilla 32x32 RGB Light Array.audulus (131.9 KB) 04/01/2019 32x32
Vanilla 64x64 RGB Light Array.audulus (529.9 KB) 04/01/2019 64x64

Thanks for making these! Great use of hacking the .audulus files - at first thought you sat there and ordered each individual light!

I did do that in the Pong patch.
never again…