[Resolved] Broken iOS Forum Downloads

The forum is broken again for me. Now my Shortcut automation which used to download patches on my phone and tablet is no longer working.

It just keeps downloading a text based file, or it will give me the error that no URL was passed as an argument. Nothing has changed in my approach. Can someone more gifted with API programming tell me what might be happening here?

@Taylor do you have any idea what could be happening here?

Unfortunately, discourse hasn’t been good to us when it comes to sharing patches. It’s not something I have time to look into right now, I’m afraid.

I figured it out. Somehow, I had 2 versions of the download script existing in my devices. The one on my iPad was good, and something about the one of my iPhone was not. This is the good one, in case anyone else has the same trouble downloading modules.
Download this to import into Shortcuts and run it from the share sheet when opening a forum file :slightly_smiling_face: