Resizable Exposable Elements

The original thought was a resizable font for a numeric (and hopefully alphanumeric) display, to help one view status of a project without zooming in on the project, and without requiring the high-CPU-overhead option of creating dot-matrix displays.

It’s expanded in my mind to other exposable elements as well. Shrunken waveform display? Huge Light or RGB light? Super big trigger? Mammoth text node?

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I think this is the direction we’ll be going in. At least for Audulus 4’s initial design, we have 3 sizes of knobs - big, small, and trim for, for instance, cutoff, resonance, and input modulation attenuversion.

I’ve been asking for alpha/symbol display for a long time - dunno if it will be in initial release, but hopefully at some point.

We will have a smaller waveform display too, a la Minilogue.


Using a MIDI controller really changed my perspective on this topic, as physical knobs are mapped to UI knobs, and I’m generally zoomed out to have access to anything in the project, but need feedback from it as I play.

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