Research functionality for modules


I’m new to Audulus, and I’m having fun building my first patches. However, I spend most of my time just browsing the dropdown menus searching for something. Some very basic building modules are sometimes buried very far in the menu hierarchy and I forgot their position all the time.

Is there some kind of research function for modules, or something similar to what you find in Max/Msp (double-click on an empty space -> write the name of a module -> it appears) ? It would save me a lot of time.

I love to change and alter my patches on the fly when improvising, and I cant do that for the moment.

Thanks! Have a good day.


On iOS if you pull down on the menu, a search menu will appear at the top.

Hey welcome to the community! We’re glad to have you join us :smiley: The short answer is that the functionality you’re looking for is in the Help menu of the Mac app. I provided a screenshot that shows you where to go and how to search at the following link. Search Audulus library via MacOS

I hope you are having a blast working with the app, and don’t hesitate to bring any and all questions to the forum. That is the best way to learn, and everyone here is super nice and super helpful!

Thanks everyone!

@Paulinko Thanks. I’ll be using the iOs version mostly for performing. I’ll stay on the MacOs version for prototyping and for creating patches.

@stevo3985: aah, it could almost have been perfect. I was hoping that it could be possible to press enter when highlighting something in the help menu to quickly create a node or a module. Well, I guess that it’s better than nothing. It will definitely be helpful! Thanks.

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What I have done is made a personal library but saving patches to Audulus’ module folder, which can be found by clicking the “Open Modules Folder” menu option.


This really helps when the library gets overhauled and you have to learn the nested folder system again.