Relative Just Intonator

Relative Just Intonator

A few months back I saw Jacob Collier explain a novel tuning concept where each note in a chord is tuned to the note below it, instead of every note in the chord being tuned to the root and/or tonal center. An example: if you play CGD, you would tune the G to the C, and then tune to D to the G. This patch explores this concept, and allows users to play up to 16 note chords, and turn the mod wheel to change between equal temperament and this “relative just” temperament. This patch is made possible by my SedecToMono/MonoToSedec modules, which has the caveat of requiring the user to trigger 16 unique midi notes before they turns on, and being pretty processor heavy for they are! Audulus 4 will add new capabilities to make all of this much easier, elegant and efficient!

I recommend holding down chords in the right hand while manipulating the mod wheel and playing single notes in the bass register.

This is a complete patch: to initialize just trigger 16 unique midi notes, turn the mod wheel and start playing! Of course feel free to hook up your favorite oscillator/effects.

Version History

Revision File Date Notes
0.1 Relative Just Intonator for forum post.audulus (748.9 KB) 09/02/2019 Initial release

Collier is on another level. Looking forward to playing around with this one.

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