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RecPlay 4

I was looking at some of the Mux/DeMux modules and they looked pretty cool. But a lot of these were really timer driven and ‘bleepy bloopy’ where I was looking for something a little more human and musical. Like using a looper without leaving Audulus. My idea was to set up a beat or metronome be able to play in the notes from the keyboard and then have if keep playing them back. Then I can vary the sound on the output while it plays the pieces for me. Working on recording an example but I’m so excited to contribute something useful to the community I’m putting it out for evaluation now! Mark, Robert, et al, let me know what you think.

This version records four notes, but I structured the internals to make it easy to expand to more later.


Input Signal Range
![RecPlay4Test 690x388](upload://pybBHKIprPiv3brtvhqdjWMbGyY.jpeg)

This is the setup I was using to test. Map the gate and output of the KB to gate and signal of the RecPlay. rtz is a ‘Return To Zero’ for the loop. Map in a gate on the interval you want to set for the loop. Signal is in Hz right now, but it’s just Sample and Hold nodes on the inside, so it could be anything you want.

Use the out signal to map to audio nodes to make the sounds. I just used any signal bigger than 0 as a gate


Reset: clears out the notes. (Might be a little buggy right now, working on that)
Arm: Sets up the module for recording. Turn it off to prevent accidents.


Meter Displays Notes


Version History


Updating to v0.2. Now includes output of gate so you can use the KB velocity instead of just 1 for everything.
RecPlay 4.audulus (74.3 KB)


I can’t seem to paste the example image into the first post. Not sure why it doesn’t show. Here:

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I take it this could be used as an arpeggiator?

Sure! It’s more human and musical since it not quantized. The only question is the output signal. I’m not sure what the other sequencers output. If it’s pitch in Hz it’ll work. If it’s not you might have to change the adjust it before going into the RecPlay signal. But it’ll come out he same way you sent it in.

I’m wondering if it would be best if @biminiroad edited your post so that the routing legend is properly formatted. Looks like things got fudged somehow. Looking forward to exploring this.

Had some random results.

RecPlay troubleshoot.audulus (153.3 KB)

Not totally sure how this works.

Looks like your clock might be going too fast? In the original example he had it divided down by 1/8 so you could have a measure of eighth notes or whatever. If it’s returning to zero before you have a chance to input much, then it might sound “random.”

I had that feeling. Sometimes its puzzling when you aren’t the patch/module builder.

Here is an improvement

RecPlay troubleshoot clock div.audulus (160.3 KB)

@futureaztec Cool! Yeah, I ran the BPM clock at 120BPM and drove the ‘hi-hat’ 1/4 note with that, then subdivided to get a couple measures and drove the module rtz and kick to feel the breaks.

I did make a mess of this post. I’m willing to clean it up if there was a guide or something. I poked a round a bit and couldn’t find anything in ‘read first’ or other Markdown posts. I’ll give it a try on my own but is there a little guide somewhere? Next update to the Module I’ll refurbish it.