Random Waveform VCO (WIP)


Random Waveform VCO

I’ve been working on a random waveform VCO for the last few days and finally think I have something worth posting. This is still definitely a work in progress. The challenge is creating something that is sonically interesting without ending up with noise. This approach uses a 16 channel random walk generator which is updated for each clock on the step input and is scanned at audio frequencies to generate the audio output. There are controls for the maximum step size, slew rate for the change, and the amount of frequency drift for the stereo pair. There is a reset and a 1 per octave input. The demo has a pair of filters with random cutoffs which can be switched in and out. The VCO produces quite a few higher harmonics and some filtering is probably a good idea. Each side of the stereo pair generates a separate waveform and has some random drift. The display is really more of a development tool but I thought it looked kind of neat. The generator creates values from 0-1 which are offset and multiplied to give the actual waveform so meters below 50% are the negative parts of the waveform. Playing with the step size and slew rate is worthwhile. Suggestions are welcome.

random waveform demo.audulus (1.0 MB)