Random Source with Seed Knob


Random Source with Seed Knob

After taking a look at @dcLargo’s polyrhythm sequencer, I kind of understood why it might be desirable to contrive a way to change the seeds of a bunch of random nodes at once, since taping and typing can be a chore when you have to do it a dozen times.

I’m putting this in building because this is more of a technique or approach that might have many applications. The basic premise is that you can create sufficiently different random variations of the random source by multiplying it by a value significantly greater than 2 pi and running it through a sine function and scaling it back to the 0 to 1 range.

Changing the range will also ensure that you can create multiple random sources simultaneously with only an infinitesimal chance that you are creating the same seed. In this way you just have to turn one knob to reseed all the random sources in a module.

Random Source with Seed Knob.audulus (31.0 KB)


Very clever!