Previous version of Audulus 3 (3.6.0)

Hey guys,

today i bought Audulus 3 (3.6.1) in App Store. but no luck this version crashing on my MacBook Pro (mid 2009). yes i check official recommendations regarding hardware right after purchase. is it possible to support such users with previous version of Audulus 3 (3.6.0)

thanks in advance.

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@biminiroad please respond Mark. adding support for all kind of hardware users in App Store seems very logical.

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I think @biminiroad is no longer burdened with the nitty gritty of App Store transactions (although let’s remember those 5 star reviews). You will need to summon @Taylor for that.


Sorry, Audulus won’t run on a 2009 laptop due to Metal. I’d recommend getting a refund from Apple.

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yes, i tried to do it yesterday but Apple thinks «I am not eligible for a refund» absolutely legendary stuff. Collin for president.


Apple is pretty weird these days.

Who is Collin, if you don’t mind me asking?

the guy who support outdated Apple hardware. anyway thanks for support on my topic.

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Usually when there’s a compatibility issue they will issue a refund. Any idea what’s going on there? Did you use a patch to run macOS 10.14 on your machine?

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yes, and i love my setup. max RAM no cd drive + SSD. all ready for Audulus.