Pressure and Stored Voltages

Pressure and Stored Voltages

Here’s my first module! I have a MIDI drum pad (MPD218) and I wanted to have a custom pitch bank to play with some of the great microtonals quantizer we can find on this forum. Along the way it became this. I come from the hardware modular & Buchla world, hence the pressure and voltage lingo…

It features gate outputs with velocity (“Pressure”) for each pad (thanks stschoen for the inspiration), and a global Pressure output as well.
You get green lights to indicate Pressure activity.

The “Voltage” outputs give you the currently selected value. Red outputs take values from each row. The purple outputs take values from the 2 bottom rows or the 2 top rows.

Open the module to have a look at the setup. It should work with any chromatic midi controller. By default the Red outputs have a modulation range and the purple and global outputs have a 1/octave range, but this can be tailored to your needs easily inside the module.

It’s a whole new world for me, so there might some obvious thing to improve, feel free to let me know what you think.


Output Signal Range Notes
pressure 0 - 1 Individual Pressure outputs
globpressure 0 - 1 Global Pressure out
redvolt 0 - 1 Red Voltage output, value from the corresponding row
purplvolt -4 - +4 Purple Voltage output, value from the 2 corresponding rows (bottom or top
globvolt -4 - +4 Global Voltage output, any value within the module. You can also monitor this value with the included meter, independent of the output range.


Parameter Function Notes
konb Voltage value knob The knob itself has a 0 - 1 range

Version History

Revision File Date Notes
2.2 Pressure and Stored Voltages.audulus (138.1 KB)
04/04/2019 Initial release


I’ll come up with something to put here :slight_smile: