Plus Semitone (Rebel Tech Tonic Clone)

Plus Semitone

Based on the Rebel Tech module Tonic

I was watching the latest MylarMelodies video on the topic of making sequences out of utilities. It occured to me that it would be relatively simple to recreate one of the modules featured, Tonic, in Audulus.

The Plus Semitone module is a pitch utility that transposes and incoming signal by the sum of semitones activated on the front panel. You can press the buttons, or turn them to toggles, and you can send them gates. It’s all the same as Tonic except you can input a signal to transpose.

Plus Semitone V1.audulus (17.1 KB)


Thanks for this! Just watched a bit of this vid yesterday and that module had me curious.


I think it works best when the gates Plus Semitone (I should change that name, huh?) receives are much longer than the gates being sent to the envelopes.

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