Please Add iOS Feature Select All and Move

Hi. Sometimes I use a wireless keyboard with my iPad. When I do this, I still have to reach forward with my fingers to double touch to move the whole patch around.

Can you please add a feature that allows a Select All option and then use a single mouse click and drag to move the whole patch around the same way that you can with a double finger press a drag?

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Point of clarification: What do you mean double touch? You can’t select multiple things and move them as a group with one touch?

Yes, I can do that. It would be much faster to have a Select All feature like you see in a word processing program. Then you could click and drag it.

The thing I like about the double touch feature is that you can move the view of the current window around. My idea to have a select all is just a fast work around to that end. What I would really like is to be able to use a trackpad on a wireless keyboard to click and move the whole patch around without it changing the current positions of the modules that are already there. Hopefully it would work the same across al cursor moving related devices - trackpads, mouses (mice?), and trackballs. Drawing tablets too I suppose.

I don’t particularly have an issue selecting modules - all or a sub-group - on the iPad @biminiroad. But a slight frustration, probably due to the lesser screen real estate on the iPad, is aligning modules to the grid. After selecting modules to align on the grid, zooming in to the maximum level is usually necessary to align individual modules accurately. The zoom-in process, however, causes the modules previously selected to become unselected.

I know, I need a large external screen for my M1 iPad Pro lol…