Pico3: Gear Acquisition Syndrome got me. It got me so good

So like the headline says, GAS got me when I saw the Erica Synths Pico 3 on sale for ~$420 from Perfect Circuit. That was a killer deal I couldn’t resist (compared to the $590 it would have cost a couple months ago direct from Erica, as I calculated the cost with shipping and currency conversion from Latvia when it came out) and at first, I was disappointed in myself for buying another piece of hardware, after telling myself the Neutron I got in September was the last thing I would buy, like an out of control maniac.

Now that it arrived though, I gotta say, for the price, it is a killer synth and I really like working with it, so far. It has a lot more to it than there seems to be possible, when you look at the size (it is just slightly larger than my PreSonus AudioBox iTwo interface, which is like the size of my hand with fingers spread out).

I am super stoked to make some new sounds with this thing! And THIS, will be the last thing I buy for at least 6-12 months hehe! I hope everyone had a great holiday this last week, and has a super awesome new year planned for tomorrow! Happy holiday patching, my friends! :smiley:

P.S. If anyone else has been eyeing this thing, like me, the sale is still on for the next 2 days. Get it while it is happening, cuz it will go back up to $530 on January 2nd (not sure if this applies everywhere, but I live in Seattle, and there was no tax on the price, it was exactly the price in the picture below). :exploding_head: