I was never a prodigy. Then one day I thought, “how hard could it be?” So I started reading a lot. I had never read – maybe I read two books people forced me to in high school. I got so into reading I stopped talking to people for years.

With Audulus, if you are a programmer you will be able to make some fun things. Still, this does not mean that you understand how to use synthesizers. I am not a programmer. My background is showing up to the all-nighter and dancing for hours. When you hang around this forum long enough and try to get a sense of what is going on without deciding to get into the programming, certain concepts seem to be at that extremely simple yet deeply complex level.

I’ll tell you what; these folks are all about phasors. What are phasors?

I think the trick is just to be grateful for any tiny bits of understanding you find scattered about, jamb them into your pockets.


Nice! Good tutorial video. There’s also a little rundown on Phasors in the docs which has some nice gifs that make it easy to visualize what’s going on.