Overview of Audulus by Junklight (Mark John Williamson)

Audulus: Nord Modular killer??

Mark John Williamson, aka, Junklight (Twitter, Youtube, Bandcamp) just did a very flattering vlog about Audulus. It’s a little long, but worth watching all the way through. It’s a wide-ranging talk about software modulars and has a demo of Audulus in it as well.

Williamson loves software modulars, and the Nord Modular in particular. Since the Nord Modular has been out of production for a while, he’s been looking for a suitable alternative that works at “the right level” as he puts it: not too low-level, but not too fixed-architecture at the same time.

The latest version of Audulus appears to have hit the sweet spot for him.

The Nord Modular software UI


What Williamson might not have known is that @taylor, the creator of Audulus, was inspired by Nord Modular when creating Audulus. Taylor has one himself, but wanted something with a more advanced and flexible user interface (UI).

The infinite canvas of Audulus was inspired by the infinite canvas of the in-house software Taylor was working on at Pixar, his former employer. You can read about it in this Synthtopia interview that Taylor did back in 2015.

If you enjoyed Williamson’s video, make sure you check out his music. The first album on his Bandcamp page is a beautiful ambient work with a conceptual background to it:

The Falling - a people of a distant island who believe that they are the incarnation of spirits who fall from the sky above their island. They live their brief, hard lives and then their spirits head to the eternal sea.

My wife came in from the other room after playing it for a few minutes and say, “Oh what’s that? It’s so pretty!”

If Williamson is not on the forum already, hopefully he will be soon! Seems like he’d be a valuable contributor to the Audulus community.

Notes on the video

These are little things I found in the video that bear some response. It’s not Williamson’s fault at all - I need to do better at making the documentation more accessible and understandable.

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Good stuff! He even mentioned the 1-Toast :exploding_head:

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Yeahhhh get that bad boye up here!! :slight_smile:

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I’ll have to watch his video. I would add that the confusion he experienced will be reduced as this new forum is better able to facilitate discussion among users along with the uModule and standard SVG icon work that’s already been going on. In addition to the node and module documentation you’ve been doing.


Yeah and eventually the Help function will redirect to the exact module’s documentation entry instead of just the Subpatch node.

Hey. Thank you for your kind words!

Just responding to your notes:

“A bit long” - noted :smile:

Zoom thing - got it

1 d chaos - ok would never have guessed that that is how it works. As you can tell I was making it up as I was going along. But it was making a good sound so I kept it :smile:

On the sample and hold: wondered at the time why it wasn’t doing what I expected but was filming so had to plough on. I did notice myself after uploading but too late then. D’oh


Having just started making some video tutorials, you have my sympathy. I didn’t realize how glacial my patching was until I started recording my patching process.

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Lol that wasn’t a critique! I just meant sometimes people see a video is long and then decide not to watch it - I was trying to say it’s long but worth it!

My tutorial livestreams often go above 1-2 hours, and I struggle to make quick overviews of Audulus - there’s just so much to it!

All of the modules in the library should be documented internally now. This is what the inside of the 1D Chaos Module says.

It’s the same info that’s on the modules documentation site. Eventually all the modules will be documented node-by-node so you know how individual bits work, but that’s just a hint if you don’t know what a module does, just open it up and read about it there! :slight_smile:

And welcome to the forum!