Noise Gate

Noise Gate

This reminded me that I had already built a noise gate some time ago that I hadn‘t uploaded.
Well, here it is :smiley:


Input Signal Range Notes
image -1 - 1

Output Signal Range Notes
image120x212 -1 - 1
image120x220 0 - 1


Knob, Button Function Notes
image210x182 threshold
image205x187 return how far the amplitude has to drop until the gate closes (only has effect when below threshold)
image216x207 floor how mutch the gate closes
image155x152 Link L and R opens both channels together, even if only one is over the threshold
image213x206 attack
image202x186 release

Version History

Revision File Date Notes
V1.0 Noise Gate.audulus (50.9 KB) 10/24/2019