Nodes ids in an Audulus patch

I took a look at one of my .audulus patches in a text editor and it was pretty understandable, so I may start to programmatically generate some of my patches in the future. The only thing I’m not totally sure about is the rule for indexing nodes. I tried changing a character in every instances of some node’s index and the patch still worked, so I was wondering what were the constraints on the index format?

Does it just have to be. xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx? Or is there some other rule?

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This is an interesting question - if @taylor has some time to answer, maybe he can?

Otherwise, I know @jjthrash has built stuff using scripts, and even has a tool that might help you.


Hi @Mederic, the ID’s are UUIDs:



I have some sample code in this project:

The simple version of how I build a new node is:

  • copy an existing node
  • find all the UUIDs
  • replace them with new UUIDs

Most of the above project is actual specific project related code, but the general library I’ve started building is in this file:

Hope that helps.


Ok thank you all for your answers!

@jjthrash : I think I am gonna try to do it from scratch (as an exercise :slight_smile:) but I will definitely use your code as a reference when I am stuck, or to check if I am doing things right.