New ES-8 Tutorials Coming Soon


It already convinced me I need a Rings with its minirings mode.

Maybe from the video above people can see what I mean about creating mini helper modules. The eventual idea is to sequence these together in different modes. The challenge I’m going to put for myself is to write a whole song with just it and Audulus sequencing/doing effects.

With creative switching routing in Audulus I think I could even apply effects only in certain modes and have them smear together - like delay only on the synth modes so it seems to fill the gaps when drums are playing.


Yeah, when I got rings, I immediately bought another unit because I enjoyed it so much. I eventually sold the second rings as I built up more sound sources, but it is a super unique filter.

One thing I was reflecting upon, attenuverters are uncalibrated analog components. So anything that goes into them can vary slightly if units are from different production runs, as I discovered with my dual rings. Probably not to big a deal though, you just have to “tune” your ES-8 output.


Nice topics these are. I asked around here about using the Disting MK4 as a live sampler. Then I asked here. I know this is probably something more for Audulus 4 but I would be interested to know if there is a way to do this with the ES-8? Or, how practical is the Disting MK4 for the use case scenario I proposed on muffwiggler?


You can use a delay node as a looping buffer for live performance in Audulus 3. That might be fun as well.

Looping Delay.audulus (14.5 KB)


That’s awesome! I had no idea.