My KarplusStrong Algorithm Has a 'Buzzy' String


Buzzy G note.audulus (47.3 KB)

So I was working on an update to the Karpluc Strong synth voice as I have learned a little more about the algorithm and wanted to make some more impactful parameters.

One of the things I noticed is that the G note an octave down seems to be far more resonant when the feedback is turned up creating the impression of a buzzing string.

Does anyone know what that is about?

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I’m not exactly sure why this is happening, but I did find if you detune the input by ~1 cent (o-0.001) it gets rid of the tone for the most part. What it seems to do is shift the resonance point inbetween the chromatic notes, so you can kinda “hide” it there without a noticeable difference in tuning.

So if this is an acceptable solution, I guess you’d just have an x-0.001 expression in between the 1/octave input and the rest of the algo.

Buzzy G note - possible solution.audulus (49.6 KB)

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Cool, it’s good to have a solution if not an explanation.

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