Mute module

Hi All - Just wondering if there is a Mute module - can’t seem to find one in the library.

Many thanks.

You could make your own module that multiplies your signal by a toggle (or flip flop). If you want a toggle to light up when it mutes, use an expression node with 1-x to invert it.

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@jersmi - Hi,

Thanks for the reply

You could make your own module

Not sure how to do that though.

Read the docs – from docs for iOS:

For iOS it’s simply a matter of lassoing/selecting whatever you want in the module then clicking on the background to get the pop-up menu. Then edit your UI, done. (Would’ve taken no time to post a module to show you instead of writing this but I’m not using Audulus 3, only Audulus 4 beta.)

Hi jersey - Thanks for that. I’m working on a desktop Mac OSX (v:10.15.7. Catalina)- sorry, Should have mentioned that earlier.

Hi Jack,

did you have any success building the mute module yourself?
If not, I could build it for you if you want. (I still also have Audulus 3 :slight_smile:

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Hi Joel,
Thanks for the message.

did you have any success building the mute module yourself?

Yes, I did thanks - Luckily I found an instructional short video from Mark Boyd describing how to build a Volume Knob with Mute.

Would love to see how yours is constructed though!

Hi and sorry it took me so long to reply.
Here are the mute modules I use:
Mutes.audulus (23.5 KB)

They have a slew limiter build in, to prevent clicks when muting something.

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Hi Joel,

Here are the mute modules I use

Thanks very much for that. Much appreciated.
Will check them out shortly. :slightly_smiling_face:

@paanjii2 - Hi & thanks for the message, but, unfortunately, at my stage of understanding I’m afraid I can’t understand a word of it.

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@JackOats sorry I didn’t catch this earlier. That reply above was spam for some android .apk that is almost certainly malware. I have flagged it for removal.

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