Mutable Instruments Plaits Audulus Drum Machine



Poduar Modcast Demo 2.audulus (706.2 KB)

This video is a short demonstration of Audulus’ power to sequence the Mutable Instruments Plaits as if it were a drum machine using an Expert Sleepers ES-8.

Audulus sequences the CV changes for pitch and model to Plaits and triggers it in patterns.

You could do this with another hardware sequencer, but it would require at least 3 separate lanes to sequence everything. With enough outputs, you can even take control of every single Plaits parameter on a per-step basis.

You can also effect your drums on a per-step basis, sending your hat to a delay while you send you kick to an overdrive.

This video also features the Roland 512 VCO and 505 VCF, as well as the Erica Synths Fusion Tube Mixer.


The next demo of this sequencer I do will use more outputs from the ES-3 to sequence the module more fully!


You should upload that song to bandcamp. Tip top!


Thanks man! I just might :slight_smile: My wife said the chord changes are too slow and boring, but I disagreed lol!


Sounds like she would like to make a dance remix :dancing_women::dancer::dancing_women:

I quite like the laid back tempo.

They remind me of one of my favorite pieces of all time:

Contemplative and serene with intermittent flurries.

You should label where the outputs are headed and reupload the audulus patch, I would like to try this patch out on my system as well.


Here ya go!

Poduar Modcast Demo 2 (Labeled).audulus (707.9 KB)


Reposted here.


I did the thing!


Amazing! I think I like your version better :slight_smile:


Well it was definitely a lot of fun making it. I ran the chords through the Gristlizer VCA and sent that a euclidean pattern from Pamela’s New Workout. I was ring modulating one channel of the Plait’s drums with a bermuda as well as occasionally FM-ing Plaits with the same signal. The drums were then sent to the PM Verbtronic digital reverb and I messed around with that. The lead voice was the Atlantis oscillators running into the Polaris which then ran into the chronoblob. The chronoblob was synced to the tempo has a “hold” function and I was sending that a slow gate pattern to make stutter glitch edits.


When this was playing, I lost track and thought about my life. Then I wondered what was playing and I remembered that it was this remix track. The reverb sounds like it was recorded in an actual space at times. Buttery distortion, with dust in it.


This is brilliant! Until I got an ES-8, I had enough sequencing ability in-rack to do model changes OR triggers on my Plaits, but not both. Now seeing this demo I don’t regret selling my Peaks :slight_smile: