Multi-Channel Audio File Playback

Hello everyone; I’ve been using Audulus for a few years now, but I’ve only recently looked into using it as part of a modular/iPad-centric setup for performing music (thanks for developing the ES-8 modules!) I have a question, and apologies if this has been covered in detail here on the forums, but I’m curious if there is a way to play audio files back either streaming from disk or memory from within Audulus itself (i.e. using something equivalent to Max-MSP’s sfplay~ or groove~ objects). I’ve read the threads about using IAA/Audiobus/etc. but as I understand it, this would be a maximum of two channels of playback coming from a separate DAW/playback application into Audulus, and that native 8-channel playback out of an iPad into the ES-8 simply isn’t possible right a/o right now.


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Congrats on the ES-8, iPad combo. It has certainly proven to be an inspiring pairing for me.

Sample playback is going to be implemented in Audulus 4. Until then it will be much more practical to either have 2 channels of IAA/Audiobus and 6 Audulus tracks or vis versa using AUM or an iOS DAW to host Audulus.

Good luck, and feel free to post any patches you come up with. :slight_smile:

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Thanks Robert! Great to hear this will be a feature in v.4, a real game-changer! I’ll keep my eye out for the update.


Just in case it needs to be clarified, Audulus 4 will be a brand new app (requiring purchase) rather than a version update for Audulus 3. Being built from the ground up and packed with new features that never would be available in the current version of Audulus. Just wanted to be clear :smiley:

Welcome to the community! Looking forward to any and all patches you make with Audulus in combo with the ES-8!