Moog One Polyphonic Synth



Looks pretty amazing!


We should deconstruct the waveform section, it should be easy!


I was struck by the similarities of the sawtooth/triangle mode with the Hordijk Harmonic Oscillator – also in the combination with a pulse wave. (Starting from about 2mins in the video.)


I live with Amos! His father is my landlord :slight_smile:


Ha! So how long ago did you know all about the moog one?


I didn’t know anything about it! Moog’s got a pretty strict non-disclosure agreement, and Amos sticks to it. I’m really floored by it - can’t wait to go downtown to tool around on one myself.


Amos never reveals his secrets!

My favorite Amos video

This video is a snapshot of a pretty interesting moment in time. I just noticed that the guy who introduces him is the guy behind the IK Multimedia’s Uno Synth.


I rather like Daniel Fisher’s explanation as well.