Monospaced Value Display

#Multi-Mode Numeric Readout
v2.3 4/25/24 ddcarr

Displays numeric values in selected number format of fixed-point or scientific (mantissa and exponent), including engineering styles. The type can be mono-spaced or proportional, custom color, size reduced or enlarged.
Alignment can be left, center, right, or at the decimal-point (the module also handles the case of zero decimal place display).

Canvas size is only large enough to grab for placement, as drawing can extend outside the canvas.


Input Signal Range Notes
x +/- any value the input value
N Pos Integer Number of digits past the decimal point
mode Pos Integer Value applied per assignments below
r,g,b,a Pos float Color and brightness to use
align Pos float [-1:right, 0:center, 1:left, 2:decimal point]
prop Pos Integer. [1:proportional, 0:mono-spaced]
units Pos Integer [0:none, 1:Hz, 2:s]
zoom +/- any value Shrinks or grows text. if zoom = 0, default size (1) is used


# name note
0 fix fixed point
1 Sci scientific notation [mantissa]e[exponent] (e replaces ‘10^”)
2 Eng Engineering (exponents divisible by 3)
3 fixEng Fixed/Engineering mode-treat values with exponent 0 as fixed point

Version History

V2.3 4/25/24
Multi-Mode Value Display v2.3.audulus4 (11.5 KB)
Multi-Mode Value Display v2.3 demo.audulus4 (48.0 KB)