MIDI Poly dead notes

I am working with this simple patch. A bunch of notes on my keyboard are not registering in polyphonic mode. Puzzled… Channel is currently 16.

Poly Saw.audulus (192.4 KB)

The cause of this is that the really humongous reverb internally uses the MonoToStereo node, wich combines two mono-channels/cables into one poly-channel/cable with two internal channels.

If you try to use a poly-cable as a channel in another poly-cable, it will only take first channel. Hence, you can only hear the notes that come through the first of the channels inside the poly-cable.

You can fix this by combining all poly-channels to one mono-channel before the reverb using the PolyToMono node.

Fixed Poly Saw.audulus (192.6 KB)

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Huge help! I think it sounds pretty impressive with 8 voice polyphony. Mostly in order to play some chords but then overlay notes without voice stealing. Thanks for the help.
Fifty Six.audulus (203.3 KB)

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