Midi input from external sequencers in AUM?

New user here - I have a simple Audulus patch with a midi input node and I’ve loaded it as an IAA in AUM. I want to drive this Audulus patch with midi from other sources in AUM, such as AUM’s, built in keyboard or other sequencers.
The internal Audulus keyboard sends notes, but Audulus doesn’t respond to any other apps I try to connect via Midi in AUM.
Is this possible, or am I missing some important node besides the Midi input node?
Thanks in advance!

Have you set up the routing matrix in AUM to route the MIDI to Audulus?

Yes! It’s connected, just doesn’t seem to be sending notes to Audulus.

Trying other patches too, doesn’t seem like any of them pick up midi from inside AUM.

Can you post a picture of your AUM routing and also your MIDI module connection in your Audulus patch?

I use Audulus with AUM and often route midi to Audulus.

Is the Audulus keyboard working for you?

Thanks - The Audulus keyboard is working, just no midi from AUM - here are some pics of how I’ve got it set up:

Also - my Bluetooth midi controller is being picked up, and is producing sounds via Audulus.

In the AUM midi matrix, route the keyboard to Audulus virtual MIDI port rather than to the app. In your matrix snapshot, it appears above Audulus in the destination column.

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Yes that worked! Can’t believe I didn’t even see that, I think I saw the shiny color icon of the other one and my brain just stopped working. Wonder why there are two?
Interestingly I just discovered that another IAA - Xynthesizr - was able to control Audulus via the instrument channel.
Thanks, glad it worked out - psyched to use Rozeta to drive Audulus.