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So I’m admittedly very new to Audulus. I’m familiar with building blocks of synthesis, but I still need to get more experience with th under the hood nodes of this program… anyway, I’ve been building an “Analog” style drum machine on the iPad app. My main sequencer is ModStep. I’ve been getting the Drums to trigger from Modstep by adding trigger nodes to each of the drum sounds and then “learning” the midi notes. The only problem with that is that If I have a controller hooked up to the Midi In of Modstep, regardless of what channel my controller is set to, I’m still able to trigger the drums. I’ve attempted to use the Midi keyboard module in Audulus, but I can’t seem to be able to sepertate out the individual notes and wind up just triggering everything at once. I’m sure there’s something obvious I’m missing, but like said, I need more time to get under the hood and understand what I’m looking at. Any help is greatly appreciated.


I’m having a hard time pinpointing where the issue is. You are sending midi over what channel from modstep to audulus?


Are you trying to put a whole drum track on one midi channel? Like kick on C, snare on C#, and high hats on D, etc?

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This sounds like an issue with the way the gates are being handled. If you upload the patch you’re trying to get to work, that will help a lot - I can probably figure out one or two ways to get this to work for you! :slight_smile:

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Yes, all on one channel in a keyboard format, BD on C0, SN on C#0, HH on D0, etc.

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Can you upload the patch? It would be easier to figure out what’s going on and do a similar test (I think I have Modstep) if I can see how you have your patch set up :slight_smile:

The patch might be from a duplicate third party.Make sure you keep a check.
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