MaxMSP patch recreation (Compositor Pro 1)

Hello Audulus community,

I taken a very intriguing step of recreating my Compositor Pro 1 MaxMSP patch using Audulus 4. At the current moment I stack with writing a function into the memory module, for which I implemented a counter with boolean value to reset it. The reason I’m writing is that this method doesn’t reset the counter on upper value (which is scaled from 2 to 18). You can see the problem on the image lower:

Please, help me as I stuck at the current moment with this and allow to use this thread for further questions regarding converting my patch to Audulus version.

Biminiroad helped me in Discord with this, now I need to know how to populate those values into memory module. As you see on the picture only one value is written and there should be 4 or 5 quantized values: