Manikin Electronic CV-DAC-8

Is this an alternative to the expert sleepers es-8? Would it be compatible with audulus?

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Looks like it should be! There’s nothing special about the ES-8/Audulus that makes them compatible - any class-compliant DC-coupled interface will work with Audulus. You should even be able to use it with iOS provided you have the Camera Connector Kit (preferably the powered one).

I just read the description more closely - looks like you get 8 audio outputs and 8 CV outputs - just be aware that you can’t use all 16 for LFOs, but you could use all 16 for audio (you can still pass audio out of a DC interface - not sure why they didn’t make them all DC-coupled, but there’s probably a reason).

Also, it only has 0-5v on DC outputs, so if you need a larger than 5 octave range for your oscillators, it would be better to go with Expert Sleepers since it’s got -10 to +10 - plus it has inputs too.

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