Mac OS Yosemite

Hello, I have troubles running Audulus in Yosemite. The app open but crashes whren I create a patch or load one. Any plan for an update for this OS ? It’s a 2011 MBP and I want to keep it at this OS. I can send crash logs if needed.

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As far as I know you will need to update OS to the latest. Audulus has always rapidly adopted OS updates and deprecated support for old OS’s.

Makes sense for a small dev team but sucks if you have software that breaks with OS updates

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I understand but Yosemite is not 10 years old. I would like to use my MBP sometimes when I rehearsal. My actual Mac is an iMac, but it’s not as portable as the MBP. And I only have an iPad AIR 2 so it’s not powerful enough for big patches.

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Yosemite is however a year older than Audulus is. All I can say is if it were easy to keep Audulus running on old machines, we would! Apple does not make it easy. The core of Audulus has to work on both Mac and iOS, so that’s an extra complicating factor that most other synths don’t have to deal with.

Other synths also aren’t an environment like Audulus is - they just have some core of code that is rarely updated except maybe for presets, and once it’s done, the work is spent keeping it compatible with as many OSes as possible rather than adding new features.

I’m really sorry we don’t have a better answer for this, but hopefully it’s understandable. We really do only have 1.5 people coding on Audulus - Taylor does the core, and Bas Alphenaar is working on the AUv3 part time at the moment. If we had more coders it might be easier to keep Audulus working on older OSes.

One bright spot though is that unlike a lot of plugins, Audulus always runs on the latest OS. There are so many plugins and iOS apps that aren’t as well-maintained that hold people back from updating their OS, which people don’t realize often can be a huge security risk. Each OS update fixes security bugs - sometimes critical ones - and being partial to a plugin that is abandonware can open you up for identity theft or worse.

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Ok, I totally understand. I will try to bring the MBP to High Sierra then. Thank you for the detailed reply.