Lock Mode-Especially on iPad

Per request from Mark from Audulus, I’m posting this e-mail:

I have been having some troubles using the locked layout mode on the iPad.

What I always need to be able to do with the layout locked (and which Audulus does fine):

Adjust knobs
Press trigger buttons

What I sometimes want to do (and which Audulus allows as well):

Re-connect connections on the fly
Open a node

What I rarely if ever want to do (and which Audulus currently allows):

Set a knob’s or other object’s properties via a contextual menu — this usually happens when I’ve just tweeked a knob. The unwanted menu covers other controls.
Select and/or delete items — this happens all the time, Often with destructive consequences

The way I’ve seen it, there are at least two scenarios for Audulus users: Designing and performing, and possibly a third- customizing a stable set-up before performing.

Three suggestions:

  1. Provide a long-press functionality to get at the contextual menu for items in the locked layout mode. That could work around the occasional need to enter a specific value into a knob, for instance, but relieve the user from having to back out of unwanted contextual menus.

  2. Remove the “cut” and “delete” functionality in locked mode—perhaps keeping “copy”

  3. Best yet, would it be possible to allow the user to specify exactly what is allowed in locked mode?



I refiled this under feature requests - a better lock mode is something we’ve had our eyes on for a while, and these are good suggestions.

The reason the context menu comes up all the time is because that’s how we got rid of long-pressing. I do think it should stop coming up in lock mode though.

I doubt we’d have some kind of way to customize which controls happen in the lock mode - it would probably just be to get rid of the context menu while in lock mode.


I’ve been spoiled by some insanely customizable applications before. One I think I think was the old Mac app, Debabelizer, that was used for optimizing low-bit graphics. I used it years ago. It probably cost someone his or her marriage to implement all that customizability. I hope it was worth it, but It probably wasn’t.

I was just playing with my latest creation when that menu kept popping up. I’d be really happy to see that stopped in lock mode. I’m trying to implement a simple state machine to make a little BPM-setting patch I’m building super useful and rock solid when playing out and about. Kind of like your basic “full logic” controls on a late model tape machine. You can probably tell I’m one of those divorced people I was referring to earlier.



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