Loading/importing existing A4 patches into the AU plugin in Logic Pro

Hi. So I finally upgraded my iMac to Ventura and installed A4. Interstingly, the A4 AU plugin initially failed validation in Logic Pro but resetting and rescanning within Logic’s Plugin Manager achieved validation.

My ‘dumb’ question is this. I could not see a way to load my existing patches (stored in my iCloud from creation on my iPad) into the AU plugin. The MacOS standalone app can ‘see’ them but there does not seem to be a way to load these same patches from within the AU plugin.

So I loaded a patch into the standalone A4 and did a copy/paste to load into the AU plugin - is that the only approach or am I being ‘dumb’? Having created a working patch in the AU plugin I can see I can use the Export feature to save to my iCloud A4 folder. But there is no Import feature that I can see to load existing A4 patches.

Cheers and thanks for any guidance…