Lo-Fi Mono Tape Delay Module

I made a super simple, mono, low fidelity Tape Delay mimic module the other day. It was inspired by the SOS article from the Secrets of Synth tutorials series about effects toward the end. Gordon diagrammed a tape delay, and I threw it together, and it sounds kinda cool, so I wanted to share it with you guys. I am learning about how to make the actual modules from the base nodes too, so maybe I can improve it with a version 2 when I get a little bit better. Anyway, enjoy! :smiley:

Simple Mono Lo-Fi Tape Delay.audulus (17.8 KB)


I broke out the time knob.

Broken Time.audulus (804.9 KB)


That’s an awesome patch you put together! Side question, what in the hell is that guitar I see in the screenshot? It looks like the hybrid child of an electric guitar and a synth/keytar. Pretty neat, whatever it is! Just curious because I have never seen anything like that.

Anyway, I had thought about breaking out the time knob, and did in another version of the module, but I thought it didn’t sound as good when I slowed It down (I also didn’t have it randomly cycling with another clock connected to it though, so good call on that :upside_down_face:), so I opted to set the speed like a constant as part of its appeal when I made my final adjustments. I like what you did with it though, so I will change and make that part of my revision 2 when I finish manually building the components.

This is what I absolutely love most about this community - IMO, we are all pretty good at what we do, some more experienced than others, but none of us are at our absolute best on our own; we all have unique skills and shortcomings, but augmented by our peers, we are the perfect amalgamation of musical and technical ideas. Thanks for the idea, and for picking up what I made and making something beautiful out of it! This is truly what this community is all about :blush:


Here’s that guitar:


I made a new version I call the Mono Lo-Fi Tape Stutter Delay, which I think some people might like better. I could be wrong, but I took @futureaztec’s reassurance of my initially tossed idea for broken out clock speed knob, and to that, I also added a Flip-Flop node to clock signal for delay node two, and two stacked Flip-Flops to clock signal for delay node three. It creates a chopping, stuttering effect this way, without a need to connect an external modulation source. I hope you guys will like this improvement. Let me know what you think! :slightly_smiling_face:

Mono Lo-Fi Tape Stutter Delay.audulus (26.9 KB)

Mono Lo-Fi Tape Stutter Delay Demo .audulus (45.2 KB)


I really like this as a guitar effect, but it sure shines on hi-hats. Good job.

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Thanks a lot, that is so nice of you to say! I really appreciate it, and I am glad you are enjoying the module I put together :smiley:

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