Live Performance With Audulus


I could not find this covered in another thread (correct me if I’m wrong!), so I’m creating this one…

Do you guys use Audulus to perform live in front of an audience (even if it’s a recording/an online one)?

If yes, could you explain what your current setup is?

I currently have a live setup which consists of:

  • Octatrack
  • TR8S
  • iOS apps
  • the master audio channel as well as the MIDI chain (transport and master clock come from the OT) running through a Zoom U-44 interface (where I can add effects or compression, record my set, and more)
  • and THEN outputting audio + MIDI to Touch Designer for live visuals (which my collaborator does/works on)

I am looking to either integrate Audulus into my current live setup (as you can see I already have everything running through an iOS device) OR start a live performance setup which is primarily focused around Audulus + MIDI controllers.

I’m also considering replacing the Octatrack with an AKAI Force (as a center piece in my current setup).

Thank you!

P.S. I have loads of other MIDI and production gear. This is just for performance. It’s also laptopless (for the audio, there is a laptop for Touch Designer operated by my collaborator). But if I was using Audulus I would likely get an iPad Pro or use my laptop without a DAW.


This is the direct out of a performance I did for a Modular Meetup group I was a part of.

The seagull sound and the main melodic part is all Audulus.


Awesome! What was your setup for this performance?


Btw, @biminiroad is this the right category for this post? Also, could a post not have a category (if it does not fit any of the existing ones)? I’m sorry, I only use this forum and one other one where I’m an admin/can influence the categories list.

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It’s been a while, so while I had a small case I can’t remember exactly what was in it. Definitely an ES-8, a couple distings, Braids, and Pamela’s New Workout.

It might have been Polaris instead if the Sonic XV.

Also I was using an iPad with Audulus and the Korg nanoKey Studio bluetooth keyboard.

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Thank you!

Did you use some sort of a mixer? Also did you do the sequencing in Audulus or… ?

Yes, all the sequencing was done with Audulus, but I was playing the melody part on the keyboard. There was a 2hp 4-channel mixer used as well as Rosie, which has a crossfader and an effects send.

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cool. thank you!

I think that just taking in some general modular perfromance setup videos, and then deciding which modules you would like to implement is a good approach. In this video there are many explanations of why to use certain modules. Then you just go with Audulus modules instead of buying the hardware (or you “expand” your hardware modules with Audulus tools.


thank you! i think that’s a really good suggestion.

i don’t think i will take the path of recreating them in audulus. but i will likely inform myself on what i am looking for in my own megainstrument/environment… and can pick bits and pieces based on watching these.


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