Lissajous from Audulus

Hi. I made some Lissajous visualization based on sound from Audulus patches. Audulus007B - YouTube


Very cool! Mind posting the patch? Curious how you got those sounds :slight_smile:

Also what program were you using for the visualization?

There are more visualization on my youtube channel. I made Audulus patches several years ago when I used Audulus 2. They are not working anymore (however I saved records). I used records in Ableton Live with max for live devices L-scope from Audiobulb. Than add some effects in Motion.


Oh neat! Do you have Audulus 3 now though?

Also we’ll have a scope in Audulus 4 and will be able to do stuff like this in app yay!

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That’s great. I wonder If I could use Audulus scope (mean two of them XY to make Lissajous curves) on a big screen.


Since you can’t rotate them and because they don’t draw together, you couldn’t - but in Audulus 4 you will be able to. I think we might even have a kind of graphics node that you could load custom scopes into so you could get different looks. I’m blanking on the name of that type of graphics at the moment, but it’ll come to me!

Lissajous and L-Scope are now available as a colour edition. It’s great to see the visualisations atyt people are making - now in colour.

They are also compatible with the latest Apple M1 processor.

A universe of shapes for your music!