LFO Sequencer V4

LFO Sequencer V4

This is a refined and expanded version of the LFO sequencer which uses an LFO and sample and hold to make melodic sequences. This version incorporates a built-in pitch quantizer, clock divider, and Euclidean pattern generator to facilitate this task.


Input Signal Range Notes
Bias -4 to 4 This input is calibrated to 1/oct signals to transpose your sequence or introduce a second sequence signal.
CLK 0-1 Clock input to trigger the sample and hold and increment the internal counter.
reset 0-1 This resets the internal counter and resets the LFO to the beginning of its cycle.

Output Signal Range Notes
LFO 0-1 This output is a scaled version of the internal LFO shape that is creating the melody for creative modulation.
1/oct -4 to 4 Pitch output for the sequencer.
gate 0-1 Provides rhythmic output for the sequencer.


Knob/Switch Function Notes
lngth Determines length of sequence and Euclidean pattern. The display to the right of it shows the current step above the max length.
div This is a counter-based clock divider that divides the pace of the sequence. The display to the right of of it shows what the steps are currently divided by as well as when the next step is relative to the incoming clock signal.
rate Controls both rate and shape of the internal LFO. The shape is a complex combination of two sign waves.
polarity This controls the amplitude as well as the polarity of the LFO. This is a bipolar knob, with a value of .5 effectively muting the LFO.
bias This transposes the sequence and offsets the LFO output. This is a bipolar knob, with a value of .5 centering LFO.
phase Controls where in the LFO’s cycle the sequence begins. Great for creating musical rounds.
scale Selects the type of scale the quantizer is set to. The display to the right of it will give you an indication of which scale is currently active.
root Selects the root note of the selected scale. The display to the right of it gives you an indication of which root note is active.
hits This controls the density of the Euclidean pattern. The display below it shows how many steps will have hits that trigger the gate output.
offst This controls the offset or rotation of the Euclidean pattern. Great for creating variations of the same melody across different synth voices.
loop Allows the Euclidean pattern to loop at a different rate than the LFO pattern. Great for creating longer, more complex sequences.
hold When active the 1/oct will only change when there is a hit in the Euclidean pattern. Very useful when creating a sequence with longer releases on the envelope.

Also included is a CV utilitie for the Expert Sleepers ES-8 module that allows you to sequence your eurorack gear with this module, including an onboard octave switch and envelope generator.

Download Here: LFO Seq V4.0.4 .audulus (97.8 KB)

Demo Here: sequencing the sequencer LFO seq demo.audulus (628.8 KB)


Thanks! I’ve been loving playing around with this sequencer in Audulus. I still have yet to play around with it on my actual modular setup though so hopefully tonight!


Wonderful! Any feedback on the modular front would be awesome :slight_smile:


LFO Seq v.4 - Fan Patch.audulus (1.3 MB)


LFO Seq v.4 - Fan Patch (Another Study).audulus (957.9 KB)

  • Maybe increase the BPM on the clock to at least 120. Also, adjust the swing in the lower left corner until you want to nod your head.