Korg Gadget + AUM + Audulus

I had some success getting a midi note out of Korg Gadget using the Taipei gadget, then routing the MIDI into AUM to send it into Audulus. While I was happy to see I could get the Audulus MIDI module to blink a gate (so I could sync my patch to the bpm of Korg Gadget), I was unable to get another MIDI module to give me gates on another channel within the same patch, nor was I able to get any MIDI note values to come out of the note output of the MIDI module in Audulus other than just the gate.

Has anyone had success using Korg Gadget as a MIDI sequencer for Audulus, by going through AUM?

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Trying using the Audulus virtual midi port instead of the instrument input. I seem to recall that worked better.

I would debug with the AUM built-in keyboard first. If that works and gadget doesn’t, use a midi monitor to spy n what gadget is sending.