Korg Electribe Wave Inspired Wavetable Patch

Hey guys! I bought the Korg Electribe Wave synth app for iOS recently, and it is pretty neat. I was playing around with the wave position settings earlier today, and started wondering if I could re-create this in Audulus. The answer is yes, as I’m sure you all know the only real limit is your imagination :slight_smile:

So anyway, I figured it is not really nearly complex enough to be a “real patch”, worthy of versioning and all that, but I figured maybe some others would like to play with it, and maybe improve upon it or something? The wave that is shaping your sound is indicated by the light to the left, and the LFO cycles it through the waves however fast or slow you want it to go. I’m most proud that I finally figured out how the Mux/Demux nodes work lol. This is a screenshot of my patch:

Let me know what you think or if anyone likes it enough to end up using it to build something else! :wink:

Electribe Wave Inspired Wavetable.audulus (24.5 KB)


Using spline nodes to make wavetables is a realy nice idea.
@robertsyrett talked a bit about this in his Know Your Nodes video on splines.