Korg Electribe ER1 V2.0 - Lord Gogo - 27/04/2018

Korg ER-1 electribe synthesis engine v2.0

This module recreates the Korg ER1 synthesis engine.


This is NOT an officially licensed Korg module. It is a fan-made tribute to a classic percussion generator made by an Audulus user. All trademarks are property of their respective owners. If you are a representative from Korg and would like the user to rename the module, you can contact us directly at support@audulus.com


Input Signal Range Notes
Input-Gate 0 or 1 Drum trigger input

Output Signal Range Notes
Output-Audio -1 to 1 Audio output


Knob Function Notes
Knob-Pitch Drum Pitch
Knob-Mod-Depth Pitch Modulation Amount
Knob-Mod-Speed Pitch Modulation Speed
Knob-Mod-Type Modulation Wave Shape
Knob-decay Decay Time
Knob-Level Amp Max Level
Knob-pan Pan Output Left/Right
Knob-Delay-Level Delay Level
Knob-Delay-Time Delay Time

Button Function Notes
Button-Wave-Selector Modulation Wave Selector
Button-Trig Manual Trigger Assign to a MIDI note
to trigger with drum pad
or keyboard.

Version History

Revision File Date Notes
2.1 Grok Electribe ER1 V2.0 - Lord Gogo.audulus (142.7 KB) 04/20/2018 Grok Electribe ER1 V2.1 - Lord Gogo.audulus - A version without official Korg branding (138.2 KB)
2.0 Korg Electribe ER1 V2.0 - Lord Gogo.audulus (138.2 KB) 4/26/2018 Added delay, pan, and level. Corrected bass boost behavior. New SVGs inspired by real Electribe.
1.0 - 4/26/2018

It might just be me, but it seems like there is some inconsistency in the sound, I imagine because there is modulation that is not reset on trigger? Maybe this is intentional?

Before I say more I should just mention that this thing is great…

What do you think about running it with 2 oscillator voices? With drums it is nice to have the initial smack, but also a decayed sound. If I stretch the decay I loose the punch, but if I tighten the decay I loose the resonance. I could just duplicate the module, but I want to run 4 of these, which would make eight in total, and then the CPU gets a bit crazy.


Hi, The real one also have those flaws. Modulations are reset with trigger. I tried to be as loyal as possible to the original. Now we could update it and give it more power. I find it’s limitation interesting but now it’s on Audulus, let’s upgrade it !

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Awesome. I like using it for a dirty kick, but I have to overprocess it. I always like it when I can keep my drums in raw synth format so that when I have a complete track I can do some automation of the modulation.


Thak you very much for this piece of work.

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