Knobs connected to envelope have no effect

I’m fairly certain I’ve done this before, and I have several samples from the forums that do this, but…

I want to have an envelope that I expose on my patch, and 1 knob each for the 4 parts of the stock ADSR envelope node.

What I am finding is that if I connect a knob (set to default range of 0-1) to any of the ADSR knobs on the envelope node, then that element on the envelope node basically goes to zero and does not change. Any change to the attached knob’s value has no effect.

You have to have the envelope connected to a part of the patch that is generating a signal. Otherwise, audulus will try to conserve CPU and not update that part of the patch, which includes the updating of the display, once knobs are attached.

It took a moment for me to get used to that. Also, while the display updates continuously, the parameters are fixed on triggering, so you aren’t going to get anything too wild or glitchy if you connect an LFO to a parameter.

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That was totally it! Thanks for the help!

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Yeah unless your patch chain is connected to a meter or audio output, nothing before it will be processed. It’s a way of saving CPU to not run parts that aren’t being used.