Knob default value

On iOS, many apps allow for a double-tap to return a control to a default value. Would it be feasible to allow similar functionality for knob and slider nodes?


The default value meaning 0.5 or perhaps just whatever the module was saved as?

Ideally, the default default would be 0.0, but the patch designer could override this by setting a different default in the inspector window for whatever makes sense for the patch.


I like the idea, but one speedbump I’m wondering is whether it would be too easy to accidentally make the control go back to default. Is there an example app that you think pulls this off well that I can take a look at to compare?

So many apps do this, its pretty much almost a standard! Which makes it expected behavior for many.
Either reverting to 0/ center/ default, or sometimes to the last saved state of the project/ patch.

As an example, MiRack, which is a similar app. But as mentioned, many if not most do.
Personally I’ve never found accidental double-taps to be an issue, but Audulus has undo anyway which makes everything easier.

I’d second the suggestion :slight_smile: I found myself ‘expecting the behavior’ when I started using A4.


Had the same idea, double tap/click to return an input to a value set in a user definable field in the inspector window. Agree this is an “expected behavior” although the ability to set the return value would be icing on the cake. I vote for zero as the default if no override is entered.

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