Keyfile server is down

Hate to be a pain…I do not seem to be able to download my key file anymore, that area of the website is closed. I currently have the Windows 3.6 version re-installed, I haven’t used it in a bit, and I’m getting a keyfile request, is that the latest Windows version? Are you going to release a Win 4.0 version? T.I.A

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Hi @Moogaphonic and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

There was this Announcement regarding Audulus 4:

I don’t use the windows version of Audulus 3, so I can’t say anything about the current state of it.
@robertsyrett or @taylor can you provide information on the current state of the Audulus 3 version for Windows?

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I was referring to my old version 3 license, wouldn’t I need that to save patches?