Keeps crashing



I bought Audulus and am using it as a plugin in Logic Pro x and it keeps crashing it is very annoying and I can barely use it any help would be greatly appreciated


Hey @hotelblonde - can you give us some more details to work out what’s going on - like, it’s crashing, but what are the circumstances that cause it to crash? Is it a particular patch that causes this, or is there a particular configuration you’re using that causes it to crash? Is it the audio plugin or the MIDI instrument that’s causing the crash? Really anything that could help narrow this down would be great :slight_smile: Thanks!


hey thanks for the quick response if I use the app by itself out of logic it doesn’t crash but when I open up the au version which is primarily what I bought it for it crashes when I try to save anything to the logic window so I thought I just have to save it Audulus by exporting synth or patch I have created which works but it is extremely hard to use still because it sometimes crashes randomly when I am editing it and sometimes if it is just in the background it will crash. and by crash I mean logic and audulus both quit unexpectedly

thanks hopefully this can be solved I have tried reinstalling but it has not worked


Sorry to hear that! Do you get any crash reports when Logic closes and if so can you attach them as a .txt file to this post? That might help track down what’s going on.

Also, what OS version are you using right now?