James Holden // Masterclass

This video is incredibly cool. I really wish I could watch the whole thing. Anyone have any ideas where or how one could?

So many cool topics here. The idea of setting up a live performance instrument that strikes the balance between improvisation and “playing the hits”, building a hybrid modular // computer setup ( particularly interting to us audulus users i think ) and that amazing karplus-strong physical modeling feedback patch. all these things have been the center of my focus for the last few months so clearly I was thrilled when I came across this video.

anyone know what that spring he’s using to excite the karplus-strong engine? at first i thought it may be meng qi’s lines module but at second glance it looks like its a single spring as opposed to 4. anyway, figured i’d share.


It looks like the error instruments raw spring, which is a super neat idea!


wow cool! thank you for the tip. this will pair up nice with ears as exciters for rings. i have yet to experiment with the karplus-strong stuff in audulus. i’l add that to the pile of ideas. i just messed with using borderlands and samplr as exciters for rings in vcv rack. really a match made in heaven.


You can definitely do Karplus strong!

2 of the voices in this video are karplus strong voices.


Interested in this idea of human timing errors…It seems like Audulus excels at meandering tools. Looking forward to A4, when the MF Twister receives MIDI out indicators.