It's A Trap! Sizzle (Ride) Cymbal Mod

Ride Cymbal Module

I expanded the controls and modded the It’s A Trap! sizzle cymbal. I was using this Zildjian Custom K 20" Dry Ride as a reference:

It’s not quite there yet. Still working on it.

It’s A Trap! - Sizz Cymbal eall123 mod v006

It’s A Trap! - Sizz Cymbal eall123 mod v006.audulus (284.1 KB)


  • organized the insides and dropped the pitch a bit
  • tidy up
  • renamed some things correctly
  • fine tuned some of the oscillators
  • getting rid of phase cancellation (fine tune again)

Sounds great! Would be awesome if it was simplified for just two sounds - bell and cymbal. Looking for a good ride with just 2-3 controls to put in the new library.

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I can get the bell out of that… One sec…

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It’s A Trap! - Sizz Cymbal BELL eall123 mod v004

It’s A Trap! - Siz Cymbal BELL eall123 mod v004.audulus (283.2 KB)

Again, it still needs some love. I’ll get on making a switch button between the bell and rim soon.


  • tidy up
  • uploaded correct file :l
  • straightened knobs
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Respect to the original patcher. Credit due. Anyone know who made it? It’s in the module library. Biminiroad… I’m looking in your direction…

Looking forward to the compact module. This is really useful. One thing I like about Dinky’s Taiko is that I can get something tighter going on it, then once I get other things going, go back to it, open it up, modulate it, etc.

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Any ideas or mods welcomed. Not really getting the “ping” of the stick right. Thinking that’d need a 3rd channel.

It’s A Trap! - Sizz Cymbal eall123 mod Skinny v002

It’s A Trap! - Sizz Cymbal eall123 mod Skinny v002.audulus (250.3 KB)

Made a simple edition for you skinny peeps. Constant knobs inside patch for ya’ tweekers.


  • removed seq hz out
  • straightened knobs
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For what it’s worth, as they say…

My understanding of some appraches to modular is to provide a set a variables that, when adjusted, break out familiar tropes into new possibilities. In this vein, the “skinny” version is a little boring. The more full bodied version had some excitement. Basically, I think it is tempting to make “nerd” versions and “for dummies” versions. However, personally I like some destructive/sculpting parameters on the face, but not so many that when you are performing/recording, you go down too many blind alleys.

If we all put the filters/delays just at a particular setting, we get interesting types of synthesis (karplus, for example). And its fun to play Hordijk. But for a ride voice, I would think there should be a nice balance here. That is to say, please make the “skinny” a little less condescending. :slight_smile:

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It’s A Trap! - Sizz Cymbal eall123 mod Skinny v006

It’s A Trap! - Sizz Cymbal eall123 mod Skinny v006.audulus (259.5 KB)

Skinny v006

  • added tune, bell, wash, focus, and stick knobs
  • peak meter
  • setting knob ranges
  • stick position knob
  • arranged knobs to respective channels
  • worked on getting the sound of the very first patch back
  • more knob range setting

Coming along very nicely. Sounds a lot like old school 1970’d synth drums :slight_smile:


Thanks man. Teamwork. Go team!


sizzle percussion pattern with perc 2.audulus (212.7 KB)

I have been messing around with percussion modules as well. Here is a ride cymbal I patched up, it’s fun to compare and contrast.


Hmmm… Sounds like you got the shrill and ping worked out way better. Going to have to look into what you did.

And automation was going to be my next step. I’ve been studying the real ride sounds and it seems like the frequencies sweep up a bit. (Listening and working with the sound more: Not sure if it’s the actual pitch of the cymbal sweeping or just different overtones coming and going…)

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lol. Oh man, I looked inside and it’s like a freaking foreign language.


I am ring modulating the oscillator bank.

most definitely!

Hehe! I think we have the same basic architecture, lots of oscillators into some filters.

I chose coprime frequencies and then ring modulated them for extra dissonance. I also made a crossfade between the sin and triangle waveforms and a crossfade between the dissonant chord and the ring modulated side bands. So “S/T” is for sine to triangle and “SB” is the amount of inharmonic sidebands (approximately). “Fc” is the center frequency of the filter, and “Q” is the resonance. I will make SVG faces for these since I am pretty happy with the design right now.


Sizzle P w: Perc - Breakdown Version.audulus (239.6 KB)


That perc’ed me right up!

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It’s A Trap! - Sizz Cymbal eall123 mod Skinny v007

It’s A Trap! - Sizz Cymbal eall123 mod Skinny v007.audulus (262.7 KB)

  • pitch sweeps up with pitch low and high knobs
  • renamed stick knob “bell tune”
  • pitch waveform out
  • (bug: won’t stop ringing. fixing)
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