If i have ios10

For several reasons i’m still on ios10.

I know appstore lets users download “latest compatible build” in cases when they buy app that no longer supports their os but previous version supported. The thing is, hard to say if this is the case cause sometimes previous builds are not kept.

So, how its with current audulus?


u dont know?

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Hey @GrapeInfernal!

I don’t think you can, but we don’t recommend downloading Audulus if you can’t update to iOS 11. Many of the patches you’d find here on the forum would be incompatible, plus you’d be missing out on the awesome new features that came with iOS 11, including much better file management.

What’s holding you back on iOS 10? Does your device not support it?

yeah i m not sure i should take a risk and try buying it and see if appstore lets me download olders version :frowning: sometimes it works but even if you dont know, hm

as for why 10, too many old apps that were abandoned by devs and never updated, i cant loose them so unless i get newer devices for new os

too bad i’m on 10.2 and not even 10.3 though

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Ah, it prevented me to buy it, and i couldnt get it in itunes either (they removed workaround when you could buy app in itunes so you can get previous version in appstore).

Sorry, people, that means i’m still with Audulus 2.x for a while until i change my mind and update ios to… 12, i guess, or get a spare ipad :slight_smile:

I’ll be visitin ya though as this community is inpiring <3

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Oh, and looking forward to Windows version! Perhaps it would be updated (to final version of audulus 3) before i’ll upgrade ipad, so that’s a possibility

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New Windows version is in beta now! We’re shooting to have it released before the end of the year.

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